PEJMAN GHADIMI    Selfmade Entrepreneur / Bestselling Author
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Pejman Ghadimi

is a self-made entrepreneur and best selling book author born in 1982 in the middle of a revolution in Iran, raised in France for the majority of his childhood, and eventually migrating to the United States in 1997. Raised by a single mother his entire life with very limited resources, Pejman quickly adapted to the idea of being resourceful. Due to lack of finances and the inability to go to college due to family obligations, Pejman chose to start working from a young age and focused his efforts on banking where he built a name for himself very quickly, climbing the ladder all the way to the VP level in a short 4 years span all without any type of formal education or formalized training. Fast forward 3 more years and Pejman left banking with a significant amount of experience, an incredible salary history and real estate portfolio to die for which was later leveraged to founding three major businesses: VIP Motoring, Secret Consulting, and Secret Entourage (which collectively have grossed over $40M in revenue annually). Pejman shares a very unique perspective on success and entrepreneurship; one that involves the birth of innovation through the impact made on others as well as the human connections we create daily backed by years of effective and practical leadership skills. Pejman has authored 10 books to date; his most recent best seller Third Circle Theory focusing on a unique roadmap to achieving a higher level of self-awareness leveraging the power of entrepreneurship. While currently being financially independent, Pejman focuses his efforts on teaching others the importance of self awareness, belief, and the power of defining your role and purpose to others through the Secret Entourage Academy as well as to a select few on a one on one basis.
Some of my accomplishments
I served as a VP for a fortune 500 bank with as many as 800 people working under my leadership. During which time, I earned the track record of firing the most people, but also the highest promotions of people working within my reach.
I built two offline businesses, one of which had revenues in excess of $40M and the other which became a royalty based business that residually made $500K a year in profits. I don't work at either, and both are still 100% owned by me (see companies link for more details)
I entered the internet marketing space with no understanding of how to code, program or market anything online, today Secret Entourage has well over 2M visitors a month and over 1M social followers. We crossed 3M in revenue with 82% of that being cashflow positive or what you call profits.
I launched 10 books. Third Circle Theory, my latest title, became an instant hit and in 3 years sold over 150,000 copies making it the 2nd best selling self published book anywhere. I had yet to read a single book before doing this.